Have questions about your septic? Check out these common questions, answered by our staff.

How often should I have my tank pumped?

The broad answer is every 2-3 years, but depends on many factors, including how many people live in your home, how much water is used, and also weather can be an contributing factor. For example: heavy rains can saturate the leach field so you may have to pump more frequently.

Why does it look like my tank is full a week after it’s been pumped? Did the technician not pump it all the way down?

A septic tank is just that – a tank. It holds a certain amount of of water (900 gallons, 1200 gallons, 2000 gallons, etc.). It’s designed to hold water at that level. Once pumped, it may take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks (depending on use) to get the level of water back to normal.

Why is water seeping up through the lawn at the end of my leach field?

Either the drainage field is not draining properly, & lines or leach fields could be clogged. CALL US! 401-737-3234